Pleased to meet you

My name is Gergely Koncz, and I’m a developer. The funny name came from Hungary, so am I. Age is 22. I develop web and desktop apps (recently came the iPhone into picture), and this blog was dedicated to this activity of mine. Programming was always my favorite hobby, but I have a dark secret: I’m currently learning sociology, something I consider now as the complete opposite of computer programming. Never a solid statement. But these opposites the ones that make life so enjoyable.

But enough of this. As I stated it, this blog’ll be all about programming. And I think I need to explain why a sociologist want to blog about hardcore programming issues. The answer is simple: my girlfriend, friends, family, pets, etc. just don’t seem to be interested in this topic, so I thought I just post it here, and give the opportunity to everybody to read it. Hope that someone will…

A little more about my background: I work in a family enterprise (for living), and I work for my company (small business dedicated to web development), for fun. I learned everything I know about computers from books and experiments (filling a bookcase soon), and I’m mostly interested in Microsoft’s .NET Framework (C#), and Apple’s iPhone development. I think it makes a decent introduction for now. Currently I’m working in the redesign of my company’s website in Silverlight, so there will be a bunch of posts about it soon.

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One response to “Pleased to meet you”

  1. Gregor Suttie says :

    Hi Gergely

    I am studying for 70-523, what do you recommend I read on your site for studying?


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