Service Announcement – MeasureUp

When I search blogs for Microsoft Certifications (and even on the Microsoft Learning site), I constantly stumble into the name of MeasureUp. They say you should buy their tests, and don’t enroll to the exam unless you beat the test with a score of 100%, twice.

I must confess that I bought the sample test for 70-562, and failed so hard on the first time (when I considered myself as nearly ready) that I felt I must postpone my exam. So did I. But that was a month ago, and now, when I finished learning (some posts will come a bit later, I’m currently concentrating on the weak areas), I did that 100 per cent. Immediately after that I retook the test to see whether I can beat it again, and yes, I could (and did it for the third time in a row, just to make sure).

The point isn’t that I am so cool, but that all those blog entries and advices where right, you definitely should try and buy the MeasureUp questions in order to see some real hard stuff (the questions provided with the training kit can’t even be compared with the ones at MeasureUp). And even better, there are not just a single A or D as an answer, but explanations, sometimes paragraphs long. And from these explanations, I have (and you’ll) learned a lot.

So try it! It’s worth that money (and search for Coupon Codes on their site, to save more).

My exam is coming soon, I’ll write a little about it when I’m through.

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