70-562 Passed

Today I successfully passed the 70-562 exam. I must admit that it was a challenge, and the time spent with preparation was more than useful. I earned 810 points of the available 1000, but it was more than enough to pass the 700 points limit.

As I suggested yesterday, you should definitely try and buy the MeasureUp package. The questions on the exam were rather similar. And be sure to read MSDN all day and night. I did so when I published these posts, but stumbled into classes and properties which I’ve never heard before. Anyway, at least they made the exam more than exciting.

You should be familiar with AJAX, the AJAX application services, and events. Be sure you understand the different IIS hosting models, and you are able to tell under which identity under a process runs (and on what this depends). Know how to set up and consume a WCF service, and understand ADO.NET. That was my weakest area, so currently I’m considering the ADO.NET MCTS exam (and the WCF one, too).

That’s all for now, I’ll post again when I know what will be my next exam.

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5 responses to “70-562 Passed”

  1. Hanah says :


    Could you pls advise which prepkit should i buy, Selftest,MeasureUp or uCertify?


    • konczuras says :

      Hello, I have no experience with Selftest or uCertify, but the MeasureUp questions were very useful for preparing to this exam, so I’d suggest using those.

  2. Hanah says :

    How close are the MeasureUp questions as compare to real exam?

    • konczuras says :

      They are close in the format, given this, they’re ideal for practise.
      The topic of the exam is too wide, so you won’t find the exact same questions in the exam.
      Hope this helped you!

  3. manju says :

    Any Case study questions there in 70-562 like 70-536?

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