70-536 Passed

Today I took the test in my local Prometric testing center, and beat it with a score of 768, in roughly an hour. It was a considerably more comforting experience than the 70-562, I knew the correct answer for a lot of questions at first glance.

About the topics: there were a massive amount of serialization and file-system questions, then a lot of security-related ones and a whole lot about globalization. Reflection and COM interop wasn’t covered as much as I expected it, but it wasn’t a bad thing, at least for me.

All in all, I faced with what I expected, it was an easy exam, with some hardcore stuff just to make you sweat while you are waiting for the results.

It’s nice to be an MCTS, but my goal was always an MCPD certification, so I give two weeks (or max a month) to take the 70-564 PRO ASP.NET exam, and earn it.

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3 responses to “70-536 Passed”

  1. Hanah says :

    Did you use any practise questions? Becuase you said “I knew the correct answer for a lot of questions at first glance”?

    • konczuras says :

      Yes, I used the MeasureUp questions for preparing myself to this exam, too.
      But don’t think there were any question which was among the ones in MeasureUp in the real exam.
      What I’d like to point out is that with a little experience in the .NET Framework, you’ll be able to mark the correct answer for a lot of questions immediately.

  2. Hanah says :


    Congratulation on passing this exam.

    I am wondering if you can test ucertify prepkit for me. I have recently bought 70-536 prepkit from uCertify and before i study i have some doubts that their questions might be from real exam. But on certguard they are legit but i like you to test their kit for me becuase you would be able to tell that whether questions are from real exam or not if they are then i won’t study them.

    Would you be able to do that for me?

    Please email me if you can do it.

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