70-564: Failed

Today I took my test and failed it with 560 points. The passing limit, as usual, was 700 points, so I wasn’t even close to it. However, now I know what to learn for, and my future posts will reflect this new found knowledge.

As I wrote yesterday (and I can confirm that based on today’s experiences) this exam isn’t the kind of “can you find the syntactic/logical error in the following four code samples”. It was about decisions in certain circumstances, so you should be able to select the best fitting solution for a given problem, from four (or more) possible answers.

I aced the Designing and Implementing Controls section, without any error, so I won’t focus on that. Instead, you’ll get more info on the topics of security, project types and navigation. Thanks to the second shot offer, I’m able to schedule this exam again for free, I guess I’ll do it in a week.

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One response to “70-564: Failed”

  1. Filip Ekberg says :

    I failed with almost the exact same score (70-511 though..) and have been working with WinForms and WPF for a long time now. The questions don’t always reflect reality imho.

    Hope you do better next time. 🙂

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