No post since 6 days: a new record

Hello everybody, and sorry for the lack of writings on this week. I’m a bit busy right now, but I’ll continue posting my learning notes as soon as possible (if you are interested in the ‘70s and ‘80s sociology writers, and ready for some serious Marxist/communist stuff, let me know, and I send it in mail for you).

The main reason for the my delay is that I’m studying hard for my social-structure exam, which is not like any other stuff posted in this blog. It makes you drowsy in five seconds, and I think there’s a guarantee for that. Otherwise, it’s quite complicated, and lacks any logic and consistency, but enough of it.

There are some sub-reasons as well. I’ve become a little depressed, because Apple rejected my company’s first app (because of copyright and legal issues), and there’s no way to fix this one, the app’s fundamental idea was attacked. This could be easy to survive, but it take me a little time to find some energy to continue learning. Anyway, I’m working hard in the family business (first payment arrived).

The last cause (and I think the ultimate one) is that the book Pro T-SQL 2008 Programmer’s Guide has arrived to me, and it’s something I can’t take down. The next series of posts will be about the SQL Server Developer exam (for which I don’t know the code), I’m quite sure about this.

So these are the reasons that made me stop publishing my notes (there’s nothing to publish). I can promise that if I pass the social-structure exam, I’ll surely continue the series on WCF 70-503. Till then, watch the World Cup. And mute your television, because that bee-swarm sound is just getting more irritating.

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