70-523 Passed

Hello everybody, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted anything here. As usual, I have multiple reasons – the most important is the lack of time. My company has moved into its first office and it took quite a lot of time to set up everything running smooth, and we’ve a lot of work to do (which is certainly a good thing). Also, I’m currently visiting two universities which take my weekends. But don’t worry, I hadn’t given up my plans on certifications, there will be posts.

As the title says, I have passed the 70-523 exam, which transitions my ASP.NET 3.5 MCPD to Web Developer 4 MCPD. It means a nice WCF cert too (I have passed the exams 70-515 and 70-516, so I don’t receive MCTSs for those).

OK, let’s talk about the exam itself; I know that everyone clicked here is interested on that. So it had four parts for the four respective exams it includes: one for WCF, ASP.NET 4.0, ADO.NET 4.0 and the Web Developer MCPD exam. The time was more than enough, and the questions were moderately hard – but because I passed the ASP.NET and the ADO.NET part before, I knew what to expect on those parts. Read my posts on the 70-561 and 70-562 exams, see what’s new in .NET 4.0 (particularly the Entity Framework) and you are half way on passing this one.

The WCF part was tricky, I have little experience on that subject, but after reading the questions a few times and eliminating the two obviously bad answers, you could catch the logic behind the concept.

The last part was the MCPD exam which I expected to be a little bit harder. There were questions I didn’t know of course, but I could find out the answer for most of them with little more than two years of ASP.NET experience. Of course, you had to go deeper than just ASP.NET – you should know the .NET Framework in general, and a great deal of SQL Server. There were questions about Silverlight, security, application deployment. From the syllabus, I expected some architectural questions, too, but there wasn’t that many (although you better know some architectural patterns, too but they weren’t referenced by their names).

Anyway, this exam wasn’t that bad, but you should have a wider range of knowledge than it was required for its predecessor. I really don’t know what the next one will be – maybe the MCTS on Windows development, but nowadays I did a great deal of Windows 7 client configuration, so it is possible to have a try on 70-680, too. Whichever one I chose, you’ll have your deal of preparation posts for them.


4 responses to “70-523 Passed”

  1. Emil says :

    Congrats! Sounds like a lot of material. How many questions were on the exam? Did you just self-study, or did you pick up specific resources to help you prep?

  2. Chris says :

    Well done on passing this. What material did you use to prepare for this exam? Checking on the MS site, there is no recommended reading material!

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