Got back

Sorry for the long silence, it wasn’t intended I’m having schedule problems. Luckily, I’m a bit sick now so I can write some posts nowadays.

My company successfully finished moving into its shiny new elite office – spectacular. Also, we’ve finished our shinier than ever website, which you can check out at  Don’t restrict yourselves. I must confess that personally I find it a little crowded, but my designer colleague told me that it’s just good.

I’ve switched levels and started to mess around C and C++ once again (this is basically because of the restarted iPhone development at my company, but that will have a dedicated post) which I found pretty intuitive after years of C#. No concrete project for now, but I play with Box2d a lot. Also, because I found out that I can’t handle a single scripting language, I started to learn Python. The discipline and the syntax is clear now, I’m currently inspecting the standard libraries for it. Also take a look on IronPython, but the real purpose of learning Python is to refresh my thoughts and explore the world beyond the .NET Framework.

After taking and passing 70-451 SQL Server Database Developer MCITP (which will have a dedicated post, too) I decided to suspend the taking of developer exams. But exams won’t end at all; I’m playing with the thought of working a bit with Windows Server 2008 R2 certifications. But first I have to finish two semesters, so those posts won’t start until February.

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