70-511 Passed

Yesterday I passed the exam MCTS Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 which completes my seventh MCTS – although the first in Windows client development.

I did an MCTS exam a while ago, and I was a bit shocked how easy it was – I “overprepared” myself.. I thought that you can pass this one with a deep understanding of the .NET Framework and a little WPF knowledge – but this way, you’d need to use your common sense.

There were some questions on WPF and Windows Forms integration, but you could figure them out with a little thinking. Also there were some on UI aligning, UAC, ClickOnce abd parallelism. The questions were that MCTS type, so they focused on how to do something instead of why, but that was expected.

My next goal is the .NET 4 Windows MCPD exam – which is filled with cool architectural decisions, as I looked briefly on the skills measured section.

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One response to “70-511 Passed”

  1. Vikas says :

    Hey Buddy… First of all congratz for clearing cert…
    I have experience with .Net 2.0, but not on .Net 4.0, so trying to update myself with it’s concepts. Can you please help me with some Books & practise material for 70-511 Exam.

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