Life signal

Quite a lot of time passed since my last blog post, so this one will be more of a dull what’s with me note. You won’t find any useful information regarding your work/learning/etc.

I’m currently building an iPhone/iPad app which is connected to PHP sites running MySql in the background and result in content users reading printed magazines on their devices, thus saving quite a lot of trees (and me getting bald). This app is so economical that there are two in one, further reducing the carbon footprint (In fact, reducing it better than Microsoft with not sending certifications out, only if you pay for it.). But enough of this, you want code, not complaints.

And code is what you’ll get. I’ve made some patches to the LeavesView project on GitHub, so that now you zoom into it without nice system crashes. I’ll create a fork on the project after the thing is tested and proved well.

The MS certification track is suspended now, because I think I have had enough for now. I collected ten certs in a year, and I don’t feel like I need another ten. Also, I’m a little bit upset, because MS certification prices will be raised (OK, I can live with it), but you can’t find out the rate, because the cert price calculator is just plain wrong (maybe a Silverlight MCTS would be able to help).

I’ll post soon, because I read a lot about data structures, algorithms, coding practices and I’m eager to create a book list. Until then, happy coding to everyone, and check out my iPhone app when it gets into the store. I’ll make a post for it, too.

2 responses to “Life signal”

  1. sridhar says :

    Hi Gergely Koncz,

    If you have code for pdf reader with the following features let me know please

    1.PDF reader
    2.Page curl effect while turning page
    3.Zoom/In out
    4.Thumbnail View of Pdf

    Thanks in Advance
    Sridhar (

  2. Mtomzomd says :

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