Blog reactivated

A lot have happened since my last post (it was almost half a year ago). The most remarkable change was my job switch. I found my previous job to be a little too limiting, plus I got an offer I couldn’t resist. So currently I’m dealing (fighting would be a more appropriate word in my case) with SharePoint 2010 and its countless nuisances.

Googling fruitlessly for hours and looking up tautology in the miserable, so-called documentation of SharePoint made me realize that there must be other people out there trying to bend this thing to their will, so I thought I might just as well share my solutions, maybe someone, somewhere will find the useful (and of course, for future reference for me).

So from now on, I’ll make a few posts on SharePoint and its numerous WTF moments.

It might seem that the job switch doesn’t turn out good after all, but fortunately I’m working in a place where they actually take care of the code, and things like TDD, enterprise architecture and best practices are followed (a rare thing in the Hungarian IT industry, I suppose), so there’s a lot of room for me to improve.

Currently there’s no MS learning plan, and my Azure studying ended with my job shift. Nowadays I’m interested more in design approaches rather than specific implementation details. I’m entertaining myself with studying agile methodologies and extreme programming. I’m reading a bunch of books in the topic, so maybe I’ll post a few reviews as well.

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