My name is Gergely Koncz, and I’m a developer. The funny name came from Hungary, so am I. Age is 22. I develop web and desktop apps (recently came the iPhone into picture), and this blog was dedicated to this activity of mine. Programming was always my favorite hobby, but I have a dark secret: I’m currently learning sociology, something I consider now as the complete opposite of computer programming. Never a solid statement. But these opposites the ones that make life so enjoyable.

But enough of this. As I stated it, this blog’ll be all about programming. And I think I need to explain why a sociologist want to blog about hardcore programming issues. The answer is simple: my girlfriend, friends, family, pets, etc. just don’t seem to be interested in this topic, so I thought I just post it here, and give the opportunity to everybody to read it. Hope that someone will…

A little more about my background: I work in a family enterprise (for living), and I work for my company (small business dedicated to web development), for fun. I learned everything I know about computers from books and experiments (filling a bookcase soon), and I’m mostly interested in Microsoft’s .NET Framework (C#), and Apple’s iPhone development. I think it makes a decent introduction for now. Currently I’m working in the redesign of my company’s website in Silverlight, so there will be a bunch of posts about it soon.

4 responses to “About”

  1. John says :


    Nice post regarding 70-562 exam. Congratulations on passing that exam.

    Have you still got MeasureUp questions with you? wondering if you can share with me.


  2. IDev says :

    Hello Sir,

    I like your post about the consumption of .Net Web Service through IPhone. But I have a little problem that I have no understanding about what to do with the soap response. Also I want to know that in your sample code, you haven’t returned anything as its a void method, does it return something by itself? Kindly send me any sample project if you have about what to do with the data received in NSData and how to extract our required information. Waiting for a kind response.

  3. Fred Lores says :


    I was wondering if you like to write a review on your blog on of our Microsoft Certification courses?


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