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Life signal

Quite a lot of time passed since my last blog post, so this one will be more of a dull what’s with me note. You won’t find any useful information regarding your work/learning/etc.

I’m currently building an iPhone/iPad app which is connected to PHP sites running MySql in the background and result in content users reading printed magazines on their devices, thus saving quite a lot of trees (and me getting bald). This app is so economical that there are two in one, further reducing the carbon footprint (In fact, reducing it better than Microsoft with not sending certifications out, only if you pay for it.). But enough of this, you want code, not complaints.

And code is what you’ll get. I’ve made some patches to the LeavesView project on GitHub, so that now you zoom into it without nice system crashes. I’ll create a fork on the project after the thing is tested and proved well.

The MS certification track is suspended now, because I think I have had enough for now. I collected ten certs in a year, and I don’t feel like I need another ten. Also, I’m a little bit upset, because MS certification prices will be raised (OK, I can live with it), but you can’t find out the rate, because the cert price calculator is just plain wrong (maybe a Silverlight MCTS would be able to help).

I’ll post soon, because I read a lot about data structures, algorithms, coding practices and I’m eager to create a book list. Until then, happy coding to everyone, and check out my iPhone app when it gets into the store. I’ll make a post for it, too.

Got back

Sorry for the long silence, it wasn’t intended I’m having schedule problems. Luckily, I’m a bit sick now so I can write some posts nowadays.

My company successfully finished moving into its shiny new elite office – spectacular. Also, we’ve finished our shinier than ever website, which you can check out at  Don’t restrict yourselves. I must confess that personally I find it a little crowded, but my designer colleague told me that it’s just good.

I’ve switched levels and started to mess around C and C++ once again (this is basically because of the restarted iPhone development at my company, but that will have a dedicated post) which I found pretty intuitive after years of C#. No concrete project for now, but I play with Box2d a lot. Also, because I found out that I can’t handle a single scripting language, I started to learn Python. The discipline and the syntax is clear now, I’m currently inspecting the standard libraries for it. Also take a look on IronPython, but the real purpose of learning Python is to refresh my thoughts and explore the world beyond the .NET Framework.

After taking and passing 70-451 SQL Server Database Developer MCITP (which will have a dedicated post, too) I decided to suspend the taking of developer exams. But exams won’t end at all; I’m playing with the thought of working a bit with Windows Server 2008 R2 certifications. But first I have to finish two semesters, so those posts won’t start until February.

No post since 6 days: a new record

Hello everybody, and sorry for the lack of writings on this week. I’m a bit busy right now, but I’ll continue posting my learning notes as soon as possible (if you are interested in the ‘70s and ‘80s sociology writers, and ready for some serious Marxist/communist stuff, let me know, and I send it in mail for you).

The main reason for the my delay is that I’m studying hard for my social-structure exam, which is not like any other stuff posted in this blog. It makes you drowsy in five seconds, and I think there’s a guarantee for that. Otherwise, it’s quite complicated, and lacks any logic and consistency, but enough of it.

There are some sub-reasons as well. I’ve become a little depressed, because Apple rejected my company’s first app (because of copyright and legal issues), and there’s no way to fix this one, the app’s fundamental idea was attacked. This could be easy to survive, but it take me a little time to find some energy to continue learning. Anyway, I’m working hard in the family business (first payment arrived).

The last cause (and I think the ultimate one) is that the book Pro T-SQL 2008 Programmer’s Guide has arrived to me, and it’s something I can’t take down. The next series of posts will be about the SQL Server Developer exam (for which I don’t know the code), I’m quite sure about this.

So these are the reasons that made me stop publishing my notes (there’s nothing to publish). I can promise that if I pass the social-structure exam, I’ll surely continue the series on WCF 70-503. Till then, watch the World Cup. And mute your television, because that bee-swarm sound is just getting more irritating.

Pleased to meet you

My name is Gergely Koncz, and I’m a developer. The funny name came from Hungary, so am I. Age is 22. I develop web and desktop apps (recently came the iPhone into picture), and this blog was dedicated to this activity of mine. Programming was always my favorite hobby, but I have a dark secret: I’m currently learning sociology, something I consider now as the complete opposite of computer programming. Never a solid statement. But these opposites the ones that make life so enjoyable.

But enough of this. As I stated it, this blog’ll be all about programming. And I think I need to explain why a sociologist want to blog about hardcore programming issues. The answer is simple: my girlfriend, friends, family, pets, etc. just don’t seem to be interested in this topic, so I thought I just post it here, and give the opportunity to everybody to read it. Hope that someone will…

A little more about my background: I work in a family enterprise (for living), and I work for my company (small business dedicated to web development), for fun. I learned everything I know about computers from books and experiments (filling a bookcase soon), and I’m mostly interested in Microsoft’s .NET Framework (C#), and Apple’s iPhone development. I think it makes a decent introduction for now. Currently I’m working in the redesign of my company’s website in Silverlight, so there will be a bunch of posts about it soon.