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Getting Certified 70-433

As you may have noticed, a few posts were published about the exam 70-433, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database Development exam. There’s a great opportunity around for those who are university students, Microsoft and Prometric now offers a 55 per cent discount, and a free retake exam, in the form of Student Second Shot, until September the first.

This means that you can only get certified for only 40 dollars, which isn’t a great price to pay for it. An important drawback is that you can only schedule for the exams starting with 72. As you might guess, the new .NET 4.0 exams aren’t included. So I turned my attention to SQL Server 2008, which I’m working with as long as with ASP.NET, but know considerably less about it.

I’m going to be a bit fast, because my first (and hopefully the last) exam is scheduled to Monday. It will be a good preparation for the second one, I suppose.

So I don’t promise anything, but you can find some notes here about the content I’ll be able to review until Monday.

Getting Certified – WCF 70-503

As I promised, the learning continues. My next goal is the Windows Communication Foundation exam, with the number of 70-503. I’ll use the book Pro WCF by Chris Peiris and Dennis Mulder as my primary learning resource, and MSDN. I won’t buy the Training Kit, because of the lack of time (books ordered from Amazon arrive to Hungary in more than a week, and time is short till 30th).

I think this time I won’t use MeasureUp to practice, maybe I know enough of the format of exam questions by now (or maybe I don’t). Anyway, expect 30 posts about this one, I want to go through the syllabus in much more detail than in the previous times.

Getting Certified – PRO ASP.NET 70-564

As I  mentioned yesterday, my current goal is to earn an MCPD credential in ASP.NET. Given this, I must take the 70-564 exam, called PRO: Designing and Developing ASP.NET Applications.

I really don’t have an idea what this exam might look like, I found suggestions that this one is focusing on what should you do rather than how would you do it. So no more constructor overloads to memorize, just understand what and why you’d implement.

Now that’s a cool thing, but unfortunately, there’s no MeasureUp questions for this. The Training Kit is out by now, but with a price I don’t consider to be acceptable for it (it’s about a hundred dollars currently).

Because of the lack of practice questions, I’ll sit on the exam on next week, just to see what it’s all about (with the help of Second Shot, of course). Until then, I’ll use three resources to learn: Matthew MacDonald’s and Mario Szpuszta’s Pro ASP.NET 3.5 in C# 2008, which I have used to prepare for the MCTS 70-562 before, but now I’ll focus on the advanced stuff.

There’s a free Microsoft book, called Microsoft Application Architecture Guide, v2.0. This one will be most useful for the questions about how to design an ASP.NET application. Last resource is of course the MSDN.

I’ll post regularly as I progress through the syllabus of the exam.

Getting Certified – .NET 70-536

OK, I’ve rested enough after taking my last exam, it’s time to continue learning. My evil plan is to earn the MCPD in Enterprise Application Development, and this means taking a bunch of exams.

The one I’d like to take the least is the 70-536, the Microsoft .NET Framework-Application Development Foundation exam, but this is a prerequisite for all MCTS exams, so I think I might as well take it first. So from tomorrow, you can follow my posts about each topic (there are 37, so I plan to publish 37 posts). I’ll take the exam in about one month (remember, Second Shot is out there only until June 31th).

I think it will be a little bit tougher for me than the ASP.NET exam, because as a web developer, I’m focusing on the ASP.NET technology in my everyday work, but I like challenges.

So the plan is to use the Training Kit for this exam (I read it one time, but I think it won’t be sufficient for the actual exam. The Apress book I plan to re-read is the Pro C# and the .NET 3.5 Platform, by Andrew Troelsen, and of course, MSDN. For this, Niall Merrigan’s collection of MSDN links will be a great resource (as was his ASP.NET MSDN article collection). These three resources will be enough, I think. And of course, MeasureUp.

Anyway, check back tomorrow for an exam plan and the first post, which will be about the .NET system types.