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Define Data contracts

If you could recall the previous post about Service contracts, I mentioned that you must use serializable types as return/parameter types in your exposed methods. When you build custom types (and you’ll certainly do so) you’ll need to tell WCF either implicitly or explicitly how to serialize your types.

The implicit way is to mark your custom types as serializable, with the SerializableAttribute class. This isn’t too exciting, and doesn’t require you to use data contracts, which are cooler, and will be covered by the exam test. Anyway, you should know that all publicly visible properties and fields will be serialized when you use the implicit method.

The explicit way is to mark your custom types with the DataContractAttribute and the fields/properties with the DataMemberAttribute. Then you’ll gain a finer control over how WCF will serialize and deserialize those types. The DataContractAttribute has the following named parameters:

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