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iPhone app – tomorrow

Well, the time has come to publish my company’s first iPhone application. It is intended to be an exploration (rather than a big hit). I’ve worked a couple of days with it, and my designer colleague did a good job in these days, so we’ll send the app for a review to Apple, and then wait anxiously for the results.

This is the first reason I stopped publishing learning materials for MCP exams. The second reason is that I must study for my university exams (which is a very painful thing to do). The last is that I’m working ten hours a day in the family business, we are in the middle of a big project. But the posts will continue, as soon as I finished my semester (or maybe before that, I’d love to start learning WCF…).

But back to the app. From a programmatically point of view, this wasn’t a big challenge, just a quiz with some nice features, such as Facebook integration and communication with a .NET web application, via SOAP (I couldn’t restrict myself). The hard part was Objective-C and the Cocoa Framework. I worked (and studied) with .NET for so long that I tried to solve every problem in the .NET way, tried to follow best practices, etc. But Objective-C is much closer to C++ than it is to C#, so I have a great time allocating, initializing and releasing objects. Also, I had troubles with the exception-handling (especially the information provided) in .NET, but in Objective-C, that was a nightmare. App crashes with EXEC_BAD_ACCESS, and nothing else, give me moments of pleasure. But this the result of my own inexperience and lack of knowledge, nothing else. So I came up with the idea to learn something lower level than the .NET Framework, maybe C. That would help me a lot I think.

Except these issues, it was a pleasure to program against the iPhone, and I’m quite sure  that this wasn’t the last time (there will be apps until the price of the Mac comes back, or I’ll be killed, I suppose). I’ll let you know when Apple approves the application.

Consuming a .NET Web Service from iPhone

This was something which take me a whole (working) day to implement, and I’d like to share the new-found knowledge with everybody interested. We’ll use SOAP with a simple .asmx web service (for the sake of simplicity). I’ll only focus on setting up the connection, so tasks such as authentication and security are to be implemented by you.

First, we’ll need the service. Our simple little web service will return void, and take two parameters, a user name and an integer value representing the user’s score (yes it’s a high score table). The service will take care of putting these values into a database. The SQL table looks like this:

ID Primary key, Identity seed (1,1)
Name nvarchar(50)
Score Int

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Blog Still Operating

Hello Everybody! Sorry for the lack of posts, currently I’m spending all my time working on my shiny new iPhone application. If things go this fast (and Apple approves my company and the application) the app will be out in two weeks. I hope people will like it, I put much work into it.

Now a little about Objective C. I like it, and getting fond of it. Poor Visual Studio is being neglected on my computers, XCode rules (for now). However, I’m quite sure I won’t change platform for good.

As I have no background (to be honest, I have a minimal background) in C or C++, I’m using Objective C to get a deeper understanding in them. I fell in love with the memory-management questions and techniques. It’s such an interesting topic, and the .NET Framework wants to do it all instead of you.

But I haven’t forgotten my goal to become an MCPD, I just take a quick refreshing excursion, so be prepared to more post of 70-536, particularly about security and reflection. Happy coding till then!

iPhone App on the Horizon

Now I’m a bit stuck in my .NET studies (I’m slowly getting unmotivated because the 70-536 exam seems to focus on method overloads and constructors), so I decided to play around with iPhone development and Objective-C a little. I’ll recently publish my first app, it’ll be a quiz application, just to get the flavor of it.

The goal is to publish some really eye-catching apps, but first I’ll need to train myself into the Cocoa Framework, and then find (or train) a graphic expert for my company.

The point is, for a little time, .NET notes will be suspended. I think I’ll post some iPhone-related articles during this period, but I’ve just started studying the language, so I’m not very confident in it, and don’t want to mislead anybody with my possible errors.