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Service Announcement – No LINQ Posts

I must apologize, but the two objectives related to LINQ will not get published on this blog. These objectives are: Query data sources by using LINQ, and Transform data by using LINQ. The reason is very simple: LINQ is something huge, and there are so many information about it out there, thanks for the hype, that I really don’t want to bother with it.

The other reason is that I’m not seeing myself as someone who can teach other people about LINQ. I have two many white spots about it. Maybe in the close future (I’ve started reading Pro Linq from Joseph Ratz, but lack the time to get to the end of it) I’ll publish something about it, but for now, I’m not prepared enough.

Service Announcement – Posts which I won’t Publish

There are a lot of objectives in 70-564 which I’ve published already in my series about 70-562. These objectives (at least, from my part) require only a little re-reading, and digging in MSDN. So I won’t publish separate posts for them. They are as follows:

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Service Announcement – Reflector

I’ve forgotten to mention one of the best learning resources so far: the Reflector. Be sure to download it and disassemble everything you’ll come across. It certainly helps you understand the inner structure of the .NET Framework, and even better, you can select your preferred programming language!